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Valaise Smith, EA

Speaker, Trainer, Author, Financial Literacy Expert

“When You Get Intentional About Your Finances, You Truly Control Your Life!”


Valaise Smith, EA

Speaker, Trainer, Author, Financial Literacy Expert

“When You Get Intentional About Your Finances, You Truly Control Your Life!”

Valaise Smith, EA

Speaker, Trainer, Author, Financial Literacy Expert

“When You Get Intentional About Your Finances, You Truly Control Your Life!”

Elevate Your Event with Valaise Smith:

The Premier Financial Speaker

Are you searching for a dynamic, engaging, and impactful speaker who can captivate your audience while delivering invaluable financial wisdom? Look no further. Valaise Smith, the visionary Founder & CEO of Tried & True Financial Services™, LLC, is not just a financial expert; she's a seasoned professional speaker who has the power to transform your event into an unforgettable experience.

Meet Valaise Smith:

Your Seminar Speaker Extraordinaire

Valaise Smith is not just another financial expert; she's a trailblazing professional with a mission to empower, educate, and elevate entrepreneurs across the globe. With a magnetic presence and an unparalleled ability to connect with audiences, Valaise has mastered the art of delivering compelling and insightful presentations that leave a lasting impact. With decades of experience and a genuine passion for empowering entrepreneurs, Valaise is committed to helping your audience navigate the intricate landscape of finance with confidence and clarity.

Gain a deep understanding of their financial standing, enabling them to set achievable goals and develop a roadmap to success.

Achieve Financial Clarity:

Learn tried-and-true strategies to efficiently manage their finances, optimize cash flow, and cultivate a secure financial future.

Master Financial Management:

Discover how to strategically invest, save, and grow their wealth, turning their financial aspirations into reality.

Unlock Wealth-Building Secrets:

Overcome life's unexpected twists and turns with a solid financial foundation, ensuring your resilience and peace of mind.

Navigate Life's Challenges:

Unleash the Potential of Your Event:

Witness the magic as Valaise takes the stage with her signature presentation, "Leveraging the ABC’s of Finance." Through captivating storytelling, relatable anecdotes, and a deep understanding of financial intricacies, this signature presentation is designed to demystify financial concepts and provide your audience with the tools they need to make informed decisions. Whether they are an entrepreneur, an influencer, or someone seeking to unravel the complexities of their financial situation, Valaise’s insightful guidance will empower your audience to:

Valaise's Signature Seminar

Book Valaise Smith Today:

Your Audiences Deserves the Best

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your event to new heights. Secure Valaise Smith's presence as your seminar speaker and provide your audience with an unparalleled experience that combines financial expertise, motivational energy, and actionable insights. Whether you're hosting a corporate conference, industry summit, or educational seminar, Valaise will deliver an impactful presentation that resonates long after the applause.

Let's Transform Your Event Together

Contact Valaise Smith and bring her expertise, passion, and charismatic presence to your stage. Elevate your event, empower your audience, and set the stage for a brighter financial future. Your next successful event begins with Valaise Smith—book her now and make your event a resounding triumph!

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Speaking Topics

Leveraging the ABC’s of Finance

Stay in compliance, know your numbers & build your empire!

Accounting, Budgeting and Credit are financial strategies that all business owners should know! How will you remain in compliance with the tax law and ensure you are paying the least amount of taxes possible? How will you keep up with your cash flow to ensure you are making wise financial decisions? How will you get access to capital to grow your business?


In this compelling content, Valaise Smith breaks down the details in a way that makes it easy to understand and implement. Business owners walk away with actionable steps that will fill in the gaps and allow you to move forward with confidence. Operating under the tenet of “do what you do best and delegate the rest”, Valaise shares invaluable tips & techniques to leverage the ABC’s of Finance in a way that will enhance your business! 


Business owners will better understand how:


  • The tax code favors small business

  • Determine which tax deductions apply to their industry

  • Create a simple process to track income and expenses

  • Allocate funds to ensure major expenses are accounted for

  • The 5 C’s of Credit impact their ability to get funding

  • Business Credit is different from personal credit & why it’s important to establish both

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